Welcome to Awana!

Kids and parents love it! The name Awana literally means "Approved Workmen are not Ashamed". It is taken from the Bible: "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a workman who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth." 2 Timothy 2:15 NKJV

As one of the fastest growing youth organizations, Awana provides a local church sponsored program for boys and girls ages 3 and up, regardless of religious affiliation. Our hope is that all club members will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior then build on that foundation to better serve God. Awana is loaded with exciting activities, divided into three segments - Handbook Time, Council Time, and Game Time, provide start to finish adventure. Weekly club nights are organized according to ages and school grades to provide maximum interest and activity for everyone.


CUBBIES (Age 3 and 4)

Cubbies will meet with everyone in the activity building upon arrival and then stay to have fun with games.  Then they are dismissed to their own room where they will be busy with stories, puppets, Bible memory, crafts and snacks - Lot's of Fun!


SPARKS (Grade K to 2)

Sparks start the night with everyone else in the activity building for the Opening Ceremonies and then are dismissed to start the club night with Handbook Time. This is the segment in which they recite their verses to listeners and learn new verses and the meaning of verses. There are 3 handbooks - Skipper, Hiker & Climber. All Sparks must start with an entrance booklet and work their way through the handbooks. They may only complete books up to their grade level. Following Handbook Time, they go to Council Time in the Church. This is the time to sing, hear Bible lessons, object lessons, stories and get awards. Once Council Time is finished, the Sparks return to the activity building for Game Time where they play a variety of games as a team. Following Game Time a small snack will be served to allow fellowship and for the parents to pick up their children.


Truth & Training (T&T)(Grades 3-6)

T&T clubbers start the night with everyone else for the Opening Ceremonies before being dismissed to their rooms for Handbook Time - "An Ultimate Adventure" with lessons and memory work set up to help Awana clubbers to "know the truth of God's word and to train them to serve God in their everyday lives." All clubbers starting T&T must complete the Start Zone Booklet provided for them by their handbook leader. There are four handbooks numbered one to four. All start at Book One and may complete handbooks up to their grade level. Next comes Game Time in the activity building, an exciting, noisy and fun time. After Game Time, it is Council Time where the clubbers and their leaders sing, hear Bible stories, object lessons, and receive awards they have earned. Following Council Time, a small snack will be served to allow fellowship and for parents to pickup their children.

TREK (Grade 7 & 8)

When Leaders are found to lead this Club Trekers will start the evening attending the opening Ceremonies before going onto their Game Time. Following Game Time, Trekers go to their Handbook Time where they have small discussion groups and group Bible studies. During their Council Time, they may have special speakers, activities and outings.  While we don't currently have Awana leaders for this age group we do have a Church Youth Group that meets on a regular basis and a weekly Bible Study just for Youth.  Check out the "Youth Group" link under "Ministries" on this website for more information!



Every Club Night all clubbers from K to Grade 8 will receive Awana "bucks" which they earn for attendance, participation in themes and reciting verses. Every six weeks we have a Store Night where all the clubbers get to spend their "bucks" on a variety of trinkets, novelties and toys.



We ask each clubber to pay a registration fee in the fall - $25 each or $50 per family. This is used to purchase a handbook, awards, store items, craft items, and other club expenses.



Every clubber and leader is expected to purchase and wear their uniform each club night.

Cubbies & Sparks Vests - $10.00

T&T T-Shirts $17.00

Trek - yet to be determined



6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Wednesday Night. Be on time to earn your "Buck"!