Parkside Gospel Church Missions

Mission Organizations and Missionaries We Currently Support ...



  1. Tim and Becky Kroeker
  2. Herbert and Shandi Ives
  3. Andrew and Tasha Sevigney
  4. Evan and Bonnie Falk
  5. Bill and Anne Peckham
  6. Aaron and Kelli Friesen
  7. Dale and Sharon Myhre
  8. Tom and Candice Scatliff
  9. Paul and Jaimee Sekanjako
  10. Brian and Maryanne Nacy
  11. Kirk and Patti Durston



Mission Organizations

1.  The Gideon's

2.  Tearfund Canada

3.  Samaritian's Purse

4.  Far East Broadcasting

5.  Child Evangelism Fellowship